Exclusive Product License

KABELBOX, protected design


Exclusive Product License

Design protection, developed and designed by ZUSE GmbH
Rights holder: ZUSE GmbH

Transfer of an exclusive usage license to the buyer through NFT transaction on the Polygon Blockchain. The right to the license is linked to the ownership of the NFT. NFT and rights ownership are bound to each other and transferable. The purchase as well as the associated transfer of rights becomes legally binding and effective through payment and transaction.

CHARGING MADE EASY: The ZUSE KABELBOX © makes charging electric vehicles easier.

With the supplied memory charging cable type 2, mode 3, 20 A, 3-phase, not only the charging process, but also the connection and stowage of the charging cable is quick and clean.

To charge, take the cable out of the sturdy and washable KABELBOX ©. To store the cable, simply place it on the KABELBOX ©. Thanks to the MEMORY EFFECT, the cable automatically aligns itself in position in the KABELBOX ©.

The KABELBOX can be offered labeled or unlabeled. Besides conventional plastics, ecological or recycled materials made of natural fiber as well as wood are possible.


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